06 December 2009

Big Boy Bed

Yesterday was Carter's first night in his big boy bed with no binkies. I was shocked he didn't ask for his binkies. He did ask to go back to his crib twice. He got out of bed probably over 100 times. For three hours we worked on taking him back to bed. I rocked him for 15 minutes. I laid with him in bed for 30 minutes. He finally ended up crying himself to sleep at the foot of his bed on top of his quilt after Kevin "got mean" and mommy wasn't around.

My usual late sleeper was then tip toe-ing into our room at 6:00 am. He was so quiet that Tassie didn't even hear him coming and barked when he showed up tapping next to me asking for a drink of milk. After putting him back to bed he was then back up to go potty. After putting him back to bed I think he stayed in there for another hour until Anna went in and got him up. Someone will be in dire need of a nap come noon.

Next up for his room is painting and curtains. Not sure what we are going to do with the crib and the rocking chair. Maybe a slip cover for the chair?

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