03 December 2009

Home Sweet Home

I am finally home tonight after spending most of the week in Indianapolis for some new training at ExactTarget.

I'm pretty sure everyone is happy to have me back. Kevin did great getting the kids dressed, fed and in bed on time. Carter wanted me to rock him and kiss him. Anna wanted to read me Amelia Bedelia and show me her new bookmark that apparently she "bought" in the third grade room on Tuesday and was clearly made by a third grader. The kids haven't had a bath since Sunday so don't smell them.

Kind of wishing I hadn't eaten so much at my two Thanksgiving dinners, the MU/KU game, and all the restaurants while I was out of town. I'm going to try to fit into a hot dress tomorrow night for Kevin's black tie optional holiday party.

And finally. It's cold. really cold. 20 degree cold. i hate the cold. welcome home!

1 comment:

RunToTheFinish said...

isn't it fun to be missed!!

damn the cold, why do i have to come back next week