08 December 2009

Is it seriously only Tuesday?

I was up until 2 am last night working. Carter was up at 6 (crazy insane child. wonder what he was like at daycare today). I got ready and started dinner in the crockpot. This morning I had a breakfast bookfair thing at Anna's school to go to. Then I had meetings all day including one at 5:00 pm at which point I had some more coffee. I got home at 7:30, ate, did dishes, bathed children and then laid down with Carter for an hour until he finally fell asleep. I think it is more of the no-binky thing than the big bed. He's just restless laying there.

I am soooooo far behind on anything Christams (other than decorations). I need to get my Xmas cards ordered and buy some freakin presents. I think it's gonna be an online holiday cause I really have no desire to pack up the kids and get out in this frigid wet weather and try to shop. I didn't get that nap last weekend and I could sure use it now.

Seriously. Just Tuesday?

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