24 December 2009

"Can I taste-test the cookies for Santa?"

Yes Anna, yes you may.

The kids are cracking me up this year - looking out the window and saying they see Santa's sleigh and Rudolph's nose.

"I want to go night night" - Carter

Why can't they say this every night? Ha.

Well, we had lost the charger to our digital camera battery so I wasn't able to post any pictures over the last two weeks. No idea what happened to it. It might be in Tahoe. So desperate times (have to have a camera for Christmas) call for desperate measures and I spent $40 on a charger that won't even hold the battery in place in the wall charger so we had to put tape on it.

Today we had Christmas #2 at my parent's house. Zach gave Carter a voice changing mega phone and my parents gave him a drum. Kevin says he must have wronged someone in a past life. They are two of the most annoying toys we have ever had.


From Uncle Ben:

From Uncle Zach:

My favorite moment of today was the twinkle and amazement in Anna's eyes as she opened a jewelry box my mom gave her and the ballerina began to twirl and the music played.

I mailed my Christmas cards today. So they will arrive after Christmas, but hey, better late than never.

We have a tape shortage and lots of gifts left to wrap so we may be using stickers and scrapbook adhesive because we are currently in a blizzard warning and everything is covered in a sheet of ice underneath the 8-10 inches of snow we are anticipating.

Merry Christmas!

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