05 December 2009


Oops, didn't have time to post yesterday. I'll post twice today to make up for it. Yesterday was a long day at work and then we headed to Kevin's holiday party for work. We arrived just in time for dinner and missed the cocktail hour which actually worked out great because Kevin is not much for mingling, if you can imagine.

I needed a few drinks but maybe not that many drinks and today... well let's just say I'm hungover. It was a rockin party (insert sarcasm here) as we closed it down at 10:45 pm. I made the DJ (who had a headset microphone) play Party in the USA as the last song and I was the only one dancing. I remember my dress also came unhooked at the top at some point late in the night when I was dancing. I didn't show anyone my boobs so it all worked out ok, but I was really wishing my BFF was there.

Those parties always make me feel young and not fat. Kevin and I did some pretty good people watching.

Today's to-do list
Get rid of headache
Go to Target, have a long list for here
Select photos of kids to buy
Order Christmas cards
Create annual family calendar and order for Christmas presents
Grocery store for dinner unless we order something to-go
And somewhere in there is definitely take a nap

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