01 October 2008


Oh what a crazy day.

I had a really hard time dragging myself out of bed today and immediately decided it was a Starbucks day.

Kevin had to go to work early so I was taking the kids today. The kids must have been sleepy too because after Kevin left I took a shower and was getting ready before Anna happily pranced into our bathroom. I had to wake Carter up. He really didn't want to get up which is really unlike him. Usually when I turn on the lights he stands up for me.

He had some serious bed head today.

I think that's when Anna threw a fit about something completely trivial, meaningless and so much so I can't even remember what it was. I think she didn't want me to go downstairs yet but I wanted to get Carter started on breakfast because he's a slow eater and I was almost ready to go.

I debated whether or not to go up there. I didn't want to reward her for throwing a fit but I had told her I would come back up. I went up and miraculously she quit crying.

Shoes on.

Today I have the diaper bag because Carter has a dr appt. So the bags look like this.

My daily routine includes putting a chair on top of trash can to prevent Sonar from getting into the trash and strewing it across the house during the day (as he has been known to do).

Carter waves to the trash men. I buckle them in the car and retrieve the empty trash cans.

8:12 We pull out of the driveway to take the kids to school, Anna cried when I left.

8:23 And then I realized that I forgot to email myself the pictures of Carter's rash to take to his dermatologist appointment today. I debated whether to go back to the house to do this. It would mean I would be late to work. I've waited 4 months for this damn appointment (even though he doesn't have a rash right now). I'm taking those freakin pictures. Back to the house, email, leave again.

In the car on the way to work I hear that Tina Turner is in concert tonight at the Sprint Center. So their playlist "8 at 8" (8 songs at 8 am) is all Tina Turner. I am jamming out to "We Don't Need Another Hero" and sing at the top of my lungs. I actually think, what a good concert this would be. I should download this playlist. And then I immediately think, wow, I am really old.

8:55 Starbucks

9:10 Arrive at work. Only 10 minutes late, not too bad.

10:00 I print the pictures of Carter's diaper rashes from previous months and hope no one accidentally picks these up from the printer since his special place is front and center. It all works out. (we don't have a color printer at home)

10:40 leave for meeting.

11:10 arrive at meeting 10 minutes late, apparently this is going to follow me throughout the day.

12:00 leave meeting. drive all the way across town to pick up Carter. I stop by the house to pick up a sippy cup and snacks since I'm not sure how long we will be there. I talk to my brother Zach who is moving back to KC with his wife this weekend.

1:00 I have to wake him from his nap.

1:15 I'm starving. I go through McD's drive thru.

1:35 We arrive at the dr appt early. This is unheard of. Refreshingly I'm not asked to fill out ANY paperwork. And this is our first visit. Instead she asks me for all of the information and inputs it directly into the computer. Genius.

The appointment goes well and it was a really good thing I took the pictures. We get some instructions and a prescription and now if I need to take him when he does have a rash we don't have to wait very long.

3:15 Arrive at work to pick up my computer. End up staying 45 minutes to troubleshoot some issues for new clients. Thankfully Terese entertained Carter with toys, balls and more.

4:00 Leave. Carter falls asleep in the car. Get gas. Go pick up Anna. (I left Carter in the car since he was sleeping. I know this is a no-no but it's right in front of the daycare and right across from the police station, ok enough excuses I know this is wrong but it's so hard to wake a sleeping baby for a 5 minute in and out. It's not hot and I rolled the windows down about 5 inches). Swing by grocery store to get a few things for dinner. The kids insist on getting an apple. They actually pulled one out and several rolled off. They rolled all over the floor. I thought this was funny for some reason and laughed out loud. This old guy standing by his cart next to us wasn't amused at all. Live a little buddy. I let them each pick an apple. They each wanted to carry it in their own plastic bag (sorry earth). As soon as we got in the car they starting eating their apples. When we got home I sliced them and added a scoope of peanut butter.

Then, everyone worked on their laptops.

Then the kids were playing in the dining room with the trains while I was making dinner and Anna let me know that Sonar peed in there again. He does this. When he gets pissed off he pees wherever the kids play, either upstairs in their bedrooms or in the dining room. So I got to clean that up.

Eat dinner. Kevin says it tastes like cat food. I used a different recipe tonight and apparently it wasn't as good.

Carter to bed. Anna stays up and watches a little TV with us and I work some more trying to get caught up.

Technically I'm usually off on Thursdays but because my hours were a little short today and I'm behind I'll probably work a few more hours tomorrow.

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