07 October 2008

Excited About Pulling This Together

Just read Ali's entry where she has already pulled practically this entire album together. Really impressed at how quickly she did this. I'm sure I won't be quite as fast, but it is motivating to see how quickly this can go when you follow a template formula.

I have my supplies including divided page protectors like she is using but some with different sizes (will post pictures tonight) but not my actual pictures yet. I will need to order these online because I don't have a printer to print at home. Typically I do this off of Kodak Gallery but am considering using scrapbookpictures.com because it is cheaper and you can print in up to 30 different sizes, like square, etc. Hope to get to this tonight in hopes that pics will be here prior to this weekend to work on this. The other option is to print and pick up at a store and just crop by hand. Haven't decided yet.

Fun creative process!

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Susan said...

Okay, I'm thinking about doing this myself. this morning I was thinking of what I would take pictures of and how I would pull it all together. I figure if you have time to do this, so do I!