23 October 2008

Lite Brite

Did you know lite brites are completely different than when we were kids? They are plastic and lay down flat, not tilted up like we had. I had kind of forgotten about this toy and we found it in Anna's room. Someone gave this to us when she was 2 which is a bad toy for 2 I think with all the little pieces. Anyway - this is perfect now because she is really in to spelling so she can figure out what color starts with the letter V, Y, P, R, W, etc.


My life seems to be all about rescheduling this week.

We were supposed to have family pictures done outside this morning but it has rained for the past 3 days and the high this morning was in the 30s. So we have rescheduled for Sunday.

We were supposed to go to the Pumpkin Patch at some point in the last week but weather or other necessary errands (like finding a pink dress to be Elle Woods) have forced us to keep post-poning this. Perhaps Saturday this weekend - it is supposed to be 62.

Got a third opinion on Anna's cavity. He said he thought capping it seemed unnecessary so we are going to have it filled with this dentist next Thursday. Need to cancel the other appt to have it capped in Nov.

Carter was running a fever most of the day Sunday so I had to stay home with him on Monday and reschedule an interview (someone interviewing at DEG not me interviewing. I am one of the interviewers).

Go with the flow right?


One more quick item - this morning at breakfast Anna said "I had a dream about firemen last night!"

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Stephanie said...

She's on the right track with the firemen!!!!!!