02 October 2008


Thursday is normally my day off but since I took a few hours to take Carter to the doctor yesterday I worked a few hours from home this morning from 9 to 12. Then I went to lunch with my BFF Candi who needed some girl time. She and her family are going to visit her sister this weekend so I won't see her for another week or so - which means in about 3 days I will have serious withdrawal of girl time.

I didn't take very many pictures today but I'm ok with that. Usually Thursday is my day to either run errands or spend time with the kids. Today I did neither. I did take a short trip to Target for no reason in particular and found some new jammies for myself and some scrapbooking supplies.

If you know me you know that I am obsessed with letters for scrapbooking. Here is my purchase from today. Perhaps it will make it into this album. I almost bought a 12x12 album there to use for this project. But I didn't. Now I think I'm regretting that. Hopefully it will still be there on Saturday. It was blue with big multi colored polka dots.

Instead of errands and spending time with the kids (who instead went to daycare) I did dishes and laundry and finally emptied the suitcases from our trip to Vegas two weeks ago and my business trip last week.

Dishes before


laundry before

I didn't take an after pic but it's all put away! Of course, I did another load which is in the washer and needs to be moved to the dryer.

After I picked up the kids we went through the car wash (that I bought when I got gas the other day but didn't use at the time) and then we went into the grocery store to get sausage and orange juice to have breakfast for dinner. Anna thinks this is so cool. Carter pretty much only ate a banana and two cups of oj. That'll be coming out later.

Then my parents stopped by. My aunt and her daugher are in town to spend the night to go to the airport in the morning. They stopped by as well. I put the kids in their pjs, we all chatted for a bit and then they all left to sleep and my parents house.

"Friday is grandma day" as Anna would say. Usually my mom would pick them up from daycare just before lunch on Friday, but today they are spending the Thursday night at grandma and papa's and will spend all day Friday there.

I thought it would be good to document some of the things I have been thinking about this week.

- Should I have a birthday party for Carter when he turns 2? When would I have it. His birthday falls the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I think my parents are going to be out of town. If I have it several weeks before is that weird? Wait, Kevin might be on a hunting trip if I have it weeks before. Hmmm.

- I'd like to paint the kitchen to look like a Starbucks

- Before I start a new project I need to finish off that list on the right of this blog

- I'm not ready to start potty training Carter. I think he's getting close but I'm not there yet. The only incentive that is motivating me right now is that daycare is cheaper

- I think I might take the kids to the zoo this weekend, one more time before it gets cold. It's supposed to be beautiful 76 and sunny.

- I also just remembered that I never took a shower today

- And I forgot to send something to school with Anna that started with the letter D for show and tell. oops.

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