30 September 2008


6:05 am Carter woke up early. "bee bee" "bee bee" I hear on the monitor.

I could tell he couldn't find his binky. I stumbled up the stairs and located a binky, changed his diaper and rocked him for a few minutes until I heard Kevin in the shower downstairs.

Then I brought him downstairs and he got a "bar". This is code for breakfast bar. And he nodded yes when I asked if he wanted cartoons.

Then I headed back upstairs to wake Anna. She is not a morning person. I patted her back and asked her if she wanted me to pick her clothes or if she wants to. Surprisingly she said I could. So I let her pick from two shirts and two pants (all of which mix and match). Then I made sure it was ok to go back downstairs while she got dressed.

I got a long sleeved onesie for Carter out of his closet, plus socks and shoes and headed down the stairs. I got his jeans out of the dryer.

Got him dressed. Down comes Anna. She picked to have yogurt except she wanted to take hers to school. Of course Carter had to have yogurt then but he wanted to eat it right away. I put a bib on him and prayed he wouldn't cover himself in yogurt which he has been known to do.

Brushed Anna's hair, got jackets (it has cooled off again).

7:05 Everyone is headed out the door. The morning routine includes throwing a toy for Tassie for awhile before they head to daycare.

7:10 I head back inside and find someone has made themself cozy in our bed.

I locate caffeine and shower.

Turn on the Today Show and listen to the news about the failed bailout bill and how this affects me. Put on makeup, dry hair, etc.

8:00 I realize I'm not sure if my 9am is a conference call or an in person meeting. I txt Jeff to find out. This determines if I can wear jeans or if I need to dress up.

8:05 No response. I dress up to be safe.

8:20 Grab a jacket and leave for work.

8:25 Jeff txts it is a call. Oh well.

ipod playlist on the way to work includes Forever by Chris Brown, Material Girl by Madonna.

8:45 Arrive at work.

9:00 Conf call goes well.

Usual boring work stuff. I update the blog over lunch. Download some new music from Pussycat Dolls and Disturbia from Rhianna.

1:45 pm I get a call from the daycare on my cell. Usually this means I have a sick kid to pick up. Not today. It's Carter's teacher. I quickly assume he's been bitten again. She is excited - Carter went on the potty for the first time and she just had to share with me. It was really sweet. She said he was saying potty potty and kind of fussy. She put him on their tiny little kiddy potty (the kind you find at kindergarten schools) and he was swinging his legs and laughing she said. Then all of a sudden he peed and she said the look on his face was priceless, sort of like he was scared or not sure what was happening. Then she said Carter! You did it! and she said he got down and kept saying "I did it!"

This might have been the highlight of my day.

4:30 I leave to go pick up the kids across town only to drive back across town to go to a Pumpkin Run meeting. This is a non-profit we do the website and email for. I debate what to get the kids for dinner. I make a work call/sale on the way to pick up the kids.

5:20 I swing by the house to get diapers, sippy cups, a blanket, crayons, coloring book and let the dogs out to pee.

5:30 pick up the kids

6:10 call Kevin to remind him he's on his own for dinner.

6:20 Get Sonic. Anna requests a hot dog with cheese and beans (translation extra long chili cheese coney) and tells me I need to cut it like grandma. (wha? uh, right, sure!)

6:30 Pumpkin Run meeting. I should have taken a picture of the kids. I spread out the blanket and got them setup with dinner. then they colored. then Carter found a styrofoam cup we pretended was a hat. I gave my report.

7:35 We leave meeting. Anna whines on the way home that she needs water because she has a funny taste in her mouth. Carter cries because he dropped his binky. I try to drown them out with music.

8:00 pm Arrive home. It's bath night. I herd the kids like cats upstairs to get naked.

Carter doesn't even want to read a book, just go to bed. Anna wants me to read Curious George and the Donut Delivery.

8:45 I'm so sleepy. So sleepy. Uploading photos, blogging. But a very long day with that meeting.

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