14 September 2008

Bye Vegas

Memories.... in no particular order.

Skipping the line, straight to VIP and free drinks at Tao with my BFF Candi.

Delish dinner at craftsteak. filet. scallops. mushroom risotto. grilled white corn.

Pop n lockers at the adult show for adults. plus an entertaining version of michael jackson's beat it. not to mention the ladies. enough said.

winning at roulette till 2 am. (4 am kc time that's going to hurt tomorrow)

picked up by some tan french boys who didn't speak so good english at the pool. that's right, candi and i still got it. (or maybe it was just that we were the only girls at the pool without boys)

playing video blackjack at the bar before going out. blackjack! 21! winner! earned us a free lemon drop shot from the bar tender. who was also happy to take our picture.

worst cab driver ever took us to zappos. luckily we had a different one on the way back.

room service. more room service. more room service.

amazing fun with our best friends. bye vegas, see you next time.

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