07 September 2008

I'm Crazy

Friday night I went to Treads and Threads with my brother Zach. Kevin had to work and Zach just happened to be in town for the afternoon. Lisa carpooled with us and we all had a grand time. I really do want to set her up with my other brother Ben, but since neither live here that will have to wait for another day.

Several of my coworkers' wives were there and two are pregos and the other wants to be. They must think I'm crazy because they were asking me questions about having two kids... like... have you ever left your kids overnight? um.... yes I left Anna when she was 5 months old to go to Orlando for a week. I left Carter when he was four months old to go to Vegas. and pumped. and stored it. and it made the trip back and I fed that liquid gold to him. And I've left them to go to San Diego one year and San Francisco another. Plus a work trip to Indianapolis. And then I left both of them a year ago to go to Key West. And we have a trip coming up to go to Vegas again. And then they were also talking about scheduling their weekends around nap times. Really? Really? I just pack up my kids and go. If they sleep they sleep. If not oh well. Are they grumpy? Sometimes but I got shit to do. Like today Kevin was at work this morning, I got ready, cleaned up a huge mess one of the dogs made while I was taking a shower, gave Carter a bath, packed everyone up and headed to Sam and Candi's where I dropped everyone off and headed out to get my nails done and a spray tan. My parents picked the kids up from there and they slept in the car on the way to their house. Since they'd been out of town they wanted to see the kiddos. They kept them all afternoon and Candi and I shopped it up. Usually I would have done all of this with the kids but I was lucky to have a lot of help today. But I definitely did not plan this around a nap schedule. Crazy? I don't think so, but I'm pretty sure the girls at the party did.


And I must say to my very wonderful friend Molly - welcome to the world Hazel! I'm sure you aren't reading this and won't be for awhile but maybe in a month when you're up at 3 am and tired of watching the same informercials for Proactiv and juicers you'll read this. Can't wait to meet her!

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Kim said...

Congrats to Molly!

I must be crazy too lol, give them time, they'll be dying for a break so they can 'remember' who they were before!