30 September 2008

Monday Follow Up

A few more thoughts after thinking about my Monday entry. I could have added a few more details. Like...

When I got home with the kids Kevin was fertilizing the yard.

Kevin wiped down all the kitchen counters for me after I did the dishes. A chore that for some reason I despise.

I didn't eat the Lean Cuisine frozen meal I took to work because I went with the client to eat at Chipotle.

The 3:00 pm meeting was actually kind of a big deal. Even though my title has been Manager of Targeted E-Marketing for 18 months I have not actually managed anyone. This all changed effective as of Monday. I am now officially managing my Account Coordinator. This was announced to her in her 6 month review.

Anna dried the handwashed dishes for me. A welcomed helper.

Kevin and I watched Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares for our TV time. He is rather addicted to reality tv and so am I by default.

Sam called to say he and Candi are going to St. Louis this weekend to visit her sister. Kevin was bummed that he won't be watching the MU game with his buddy. I'm thinking we can get a date night together. Sam calls back to ask if Kevin can sub for him at the football game on Friday night. Scratch date night.

I made a bowl of ice cream complete with chocolate syrup, caramel and maraschino cherries and ate it right before I went to bed. Guilty as charged.

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Christian Mom said...

Adidtional pictures would be cool of things like Kevin working outside, Anna helping do chores without being asked and the ice cream sundae. Definitely one of you EATING the ice cream would be funny too.

This and the other post sounds like a great start to the project! looking forward to reading more and then seeing your finished project!