29 September 2008


As part of my "Week In The Life Project", led by Ali Edwards, here are some of my photos and notes from Monday.

6:50 Woke up to Kevin flipping on the bedroom lights. The alarm had already gone off, he had already taken his shower and was getting dressed. I never heard the alarm or him get out of bed.

Get up. Get kids ready. We had bought donuts yesterday at the grocery store and since there wasn't time to eat them at home, we sent them to school.

7:15 Kevin heads out to take the kids to daycare. I get in the shower.

8:15 Bags are packed including frozen lunch to eat and camera in the purse.

8:50 Stop at Starbucks. Grande non fat white chocolate mocha with light whip cream.

9:05 Arrive at work. Getting settled in. 258 items in the inbox. Digging out of email after being gone a week at the ExactTarget email marketing conference.

11:15 Find out a client is heading over for a meeting that isn't scheduled. 2 hours later we are all starving and head out to a lunch at Chipotle.

1:45 Back at work. More emails. Weekly status updates to clients.

3:00 Review with my Account Coordinator.

4:00 Internal meeting with a project lead to review outstanding items for another client.

5:00 Troubleshooting issue for a different client. Final email check.

5:20 Head out to pick up kids from daycare.

5:50 Arrive at daycare. Carter was bitten twice today. I ask if Danny is the offender because every time he gets hurt he says "Dannnnnyyyyy". The daycare can't confirm due to privacy but in a round about way I'm 99.99% sure it's him.

6:05 Swing by grocery store to pickup yogurt for our sauce for our greek chicken. Carter throws a huge fit getting back into the car because he wouldn't hold my hand in the parking lot when he wanted to walk.

Driving home Anna tells me Liam's mom works at Dairy Queen. "How do you spell Dairy Queen?"

She's really in to spelling everything right now.

She tells me she had pineapple and ravioli for lunch.

6:15 Arrive at home in the garage.

6:20 The infamous "Nack" time. Snack while I make dinner. Anna had strawberries and yogurt. Carter had cheese and yogurt. And he wanted more cheese. And then cried and cried and cried because I wouldn't give him more. He seemed really tired.

6:35 I ended up making him Easy Mac and feeding him.

7:00 The rest of us eat dinner.

7:15 Put Carter down for bed. We read a new book that arrived in the mail "The Pigeon Has Feelings Too" along with "The Pigeon Wants a Puppy"

7:30 Get Anna ready for bed in PJs, flossing and brushing. We head downstairs for her to stay up a little longer.

Anna Says...
She tells me Quinn is not her boyfriend anymore. It's someone else whose name I can't recall now. Then she tells me it goes Liam, Quinn, [boy whose name I can't remember] and it rotates. It will rotate until she's older. Until she's 5.

I can't even make this stuff up.

7:45 Dishes

8:00 Sort the mail off the kitchen island.

8:15 Kevin puts Anna to bed since I'm grumpy. I decide to skip doing anymore work for the night even though I'm behind.

8:30 Quality TV Time with hubby. Uploading photos, blogging.

9:30 Exhausted. Heading to bedroom where laundry may tempt me to put it away.


A few thoughts after today...

I hope to capture more pictures like the kids heading out in the morning.

I hope to keep more "things" like receipts or the sleeve from my starbucks cup, etc. as the week progresses to add to the pages when I put them together.


Cathy said...

You've done well documenting your first day... And sometimes less is more so don't worry about the lack of photos... there is still a whole week ahead of you.

Kevin said...

You eat at Chipotle every day, just to make me jealous, don't you?