08 September 2008

21 Months

Carter turned 21 months on August 29th. I can't believe he is almost 2. There isn't a check up at 21 months which is usually when I do these posts but he has changed so much since I did the last entry at 18 months that I just had to share.

At 21 Months You...

...Are obsessed with your binkys.

...Need some mommy-cuddle-time every morning that I don't have to work. About 15 minutes on the couch just hugging and snuggling and then you're ready to face your day.

...Love to play with your trains.

...Have to know where your big sister Anna is at all times.
"Where Anna go?"
"She's in the bathroom."

(just getting out of bed in the morning)
"Where Anna go?"
"She's still sleeping."

...Love to read books. A few favorites are The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, the Alphabet Book and Sing Along with Elmo.

...Sign A and make the short A sound, say B and make the "buh" sound, say C and make the "cuh" sound.

...Have all of your teeth mostly in. Hooray to no more teething.

...Say "Aleh" for your friend Alex.

...Love the dogs and give them hugs. And I think you are still secretly feeding them under the table when I can't see.

...Frequently sit in timeout for hitting your sister. repeatedly. sometimes with an object. always after being told not to. and looking right at me when you do it again.

...Love it when I pretend like I'm going to eat your arms and tummy.

Some of my favorite things...

...You pat me on the back when I hold you on my hip.

...You lay your head on my shoulder.

...Your hair flies straight up in the air when you run because it's so fine.

...If you have a blankie you put it on your shoulder and put your ear to your shoulder to "lay down."

...You blow kisses.

I think you weigh almost as much as your sister. She did seem to grow an inch this week so she's still taller, for now. Your rash has miraculously almost completely cleared up in the last month. My mom might have been right - it might have been the teeth. Or maybe it's because you're in a new room at daycare and they change your diaper more. Or maybe the other ladies were putting something on it and not telling me and that was causing it. We may never know. I still have the dermatologist appointment in a month but now I don't know if I need it. As soon as I cancel I'm sure it will come back. I took pictures of it this summer so maybe we will still go. Then, if we ever need to go back will it be faster to get in because we are an established patient? Who knows.

I love you to pieces. You are my sweet sweet baby boy.