05 October 2009

Not Stray Dogs

So Tassie and I ran last week on Friday and Saturday. On Friday I noticed what I thought was a fox and then decided was a stray dog because it didn't have a furry tail like a fox. On Saturday as I entered a neighborhood across from us a dog ran from a house and right in front of us and bolted across the street barking and running through the neighborhood waking everyone up at 5:45 in the morning, on a Saturday.

Last night I realized I'm an idiot and these aren't stray dogs, they are coyotes! In this neighborhood! Kind of freaky.

I bought a new leash yesterday for Tassie, Gentle Lead. It's supposed to keep her from pulling. We tested it out walking around the neighborhood yesterday. Tomorrow I think I will try it running. I'm tired of her practically pulling me off my feet to chase a squirrel.

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