09 October 2009

Fell off the wagon

I was doing so good on my running. I even lost two more pounds and another pant size. I'm one pound away from goal weight.

Then I caught a cold last weekend. And I worked late every night. And it got really cold outside. And it rained one day for 24 hours. And voila I haven't run in a week.

I'm going to try to run 10 miles tomorrow. Maybe that's a bad idea. Maybe I will only do 8. The KC Half Marathon is a week from tomorrow so I feel I need to get a longer run in to be ready.

Next week I'll be out of town for work so it's going to be a challenge to get my runs in. Although in an email today they said if you are interested in going for a jog on Wednesday and Thursday to text in for special updates. I am, so I did. Maybe I'll get a few outside runs in in Indy after all.

Oh yeah, and I convinced one of my co-workers to sign up for the half marathon with me and she hasn't run in 3 months so we ought to make a good pair this week trying to run before the race, ha!

1 comment:

RunToTheFinish said...

Did you threaten her job if she didn't sign up ;)