04 October 2009

A day with my hubby and the ongoing kidney stone saga

On Thursday Kevin and I spent the day together. While we both have Thursdays off it is actually pretty unusual that we spend the day together. I am usually running errands of some sort and Kevin is usually working on the house of some sort.

I got a new pair of glasses since I lost mine a few years ago and they have never turned up. We exchanged a cable box that wasn't working. We had my car valued for trade in at car max. They didn't want to give me as much as I'd hoped. I test drove the new 2010 GMC Terrain. And liked it. While we waited for them to run numbers and value my car for trade-in we sat and listened to the God music station they had piped in. I asked Kevin if he thought God wanted me to buy this car. It was so blaring it was weird. Then when they wanted to give us the EXACT same amount for my trade-in as car max we realized we are morons because we'd left the car max report in the car and they took it for a drive and probably read it.

I did two conference calls for work remotely. And I got a KUB x-ray because some days I feel like I still have a kidney stone.

The Dr. called and said I don't have anymore stones so it could be scar tissue from the lithotripsy procedures. So I will need to get an ultrasound to see if the scarring is mild (expected) or moderate to severe. The time frame for developing this is apparently two-three months post-procedure so I'm right in the window for that. I hope to have this done this week and get results. It hasn't bothered me the last two days so maybe it's getting better.

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RunToTheFinish said...

saw kevin's FB on the carmax thing that was too funny. so I hope the kidney stone thing is just some tissue and no real issue