04 October 2009

6 Adults, 5 Kids. At least we still out-number them.

Last weekend we took a trip to visit one of Kevin's old roommates from college. Sam and Candi and their little boy also joined us because Sam and Kevin and Chip all roomed together in school.

6 adults, 5 kids ages 5 and under. It was loud and exhausting but also a lot of fun. We went to a dinosaur museum on Saturday. Turns out half of the building inside was a dinosaur museum. The other half? A haunted house.

So as we're perusing huge model dinosaurs you have the ambiance of doors slamming, people screaming, and horns honking. The kids were pretty scared. The longer we were there the funnier it got to me and I got to laughing so hard I was crying.

Afterwards we ate at Ruby Tuesday. After I took Carter to the bathroom and had just praised him for his excellent behavior so far we got back to the table and he threw his fork on the floor. I tried to reason with him in the restaurant but he started kicking the wall. I took him out to the lobby where he then proceeded to bite me when I forced him to sit on the bench. Then he started screaming really loud so we went outside until he could work it out and then returned to the table. He was fine after that.

After lunch we went to a place that had some kiddy rides to let the kids burn off some steam.

On Saturday night we ate at a great steakhouse called Doe's. Carter accidentally hit himself in the head with the toy etch-a-sketch he was playing with while we waited to order. He had a bruise on the side of his head above his ear. Then he had another "episode" here where he threw his fork on the floor and I had to take him outside. He was crying so hard and had snot everywhere and someone coming into the restaurant even brought us some napkins which was funny. Of course he wouldn't let me wipe his nose because he was throwing a defiant tantrum but it made me laugh. I just stayed calm and let him work it out and then he's fine.

My kids loved Chip and Steph's playground equipment and the first thing Anna would do in the morning was ask to go outside. She would come in soaked from the dew on the grass and swings and slides but she was having a great time. Even at home they have been spending a lot of time outside which is good. Anna was really good while we were there. I think Charlie had a crush on her. He wanted to sit by her all the time and was always asking "where's anna?" it was cute.

On Sunday we fed their neighbor's horses some carrots.

On Sunday right before we were about to leave Carter fell on the rock steps leading up to the front door. I didn't see it but luckily he didn't need stitches. He had what looked like road rash on the left side of his face. After a few nights of Aquaphor it has completely healed surprisingly well.

I had a lot of fun but was actually excited to go back to work on Monday. Carter didn't sleep great down there so he was a grump on the way back. I'm sure his face also hurt. Then after we got back Anna was testing my patience and arguing with me about everything.

So it was a welcome change to be back to the grind for the week for me after that. Thanks for hosting C&S!! You have a beautiful home and were very gracious to let us destroy the house :) And thank you Steph for mailing me my iPhone wall charger I left behind!

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