08 February 2009

Scrap Mania

On Friday night my BFF and I went to Scrap Mania! Basically you just go to the scrapbook store and scrap it up in the back with a group. They provide dinner. Is it wrong that we packed our flasks with rum and spiked our diet cokes? I felt weird having a flask in my purse at the office during the day, but whatev.

This caused us to get quite the giggles while we were scrapping and I pulled out a picture of Carter sitting by the couch and noticed that Kevin was next to him and you could practically see all the way up his shorts. (don't worry i cropped it out of the blue eyes layout below). I will also add that it is dangerous to scrap at the store where they let you run a tab to shop while you scrap and just pay at the end of the night.

Kevin reminded me that the last time we went to an organized scrapping event we were the youngest people there by at least 15 years and the skinniest, by at least 50 pounds. We went to a scrapbook convention by the airport several year ago. Everyone was so freakin fat. This is when we realized our hobby is very sedentary.

On Friday morning Kevin asked me if I had my puff paint and bedazzled sweatshirt ready for my scrap party.

Well I think we were still the youngest there but at least not everyone was obese. There were only 5 others and I won a Martha Stewart bunny punch.

We had a good time and the boys clubbed baby seals (aka played Xbox live shooting games) while we had girl time.

I completed 3 layouts in 5 hours. I was a little slow.

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