19 February 2009

I took my inbox from 180 to 52

I am really bad about leaving items in my inbox if I intend to follow up on it later. Something that's reallly not that important but not unimportant enough to just delete. Fast forward two years and I decided I'm probably never going to read that unread message from 2007. When in fact last night I actually did open these. I had many. There were all from a coworker who likes to send me various webinar invites or sales lead emails. Turns out I feel I could have deleted without opening. Most are not relevant to me. No offense, coworker, but I have enough emails in my inbox.

I recently have been given some direction at work. This gave me the opportunity to open these emails, recognize they are not a priority, and delete or file them.

So I went from 180 to 52. This feels really good. I'm determined to completely eliminate everything under the heading of "Older" in my Outlook inbox.

I am boring.

Seriously, what did I used to blog about? Apparently I have zero excitement in my life in the winter. I worked over 40 hours last week so I've just been consumed with this and then not wanting to be on the computer much I guess.

Tomorrow is Red Ball. I think I need something to wear. I'm getting ready to head into the closet and try on all these dresses I'm pretty sure won't fit and then go shopping and look at myself in those horrible mirrors and then decide to go on a diet and start exercising. Yup, I'm pretty sure that's how it going to go.

When I was single and needed motiviation I would tear out pictures of models in magazines and tape them on my kitchen cabinets and my bathroom mirror. But now that I have Anna I feel this sends the wrong message. Maybe I could tape pictures of myself when I was skinny to the bathroom mirror. That doesn't seem so bad. Or hang that bikini up to stare at every day. Honestly though, it works better when they're on the kitchen cabinets.

Ho Hum. Is anyone even still reading this? Is this thing on? Hello? Buehler?

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