12 February 2009

Homeruns + Public Speaking

Last night Carter was holding a small toy baseball bat and pretending to hit a baseball by swinging in the air and saying "I HIT IT!" and then looking up into the air.

Me: "Did you hit a homerun?"

Carter: Swinging at the imaginary ball again. "I HIT HOMERUN!"


Today my CEO and I did a presentation on "3 Keys to Effective Email Marketing" at the Business Communicators Summit in KC. I was a little apprehensive about it but it went well I think, based on the feedback from the audience afterwards. And while I feel more confident after speaking in front of 75 people, I'm glad it's over.

At this conference I also learned that apparently it drives people crazy when bloggers don't use appropriate punctuation, spelling and grammer. which i love to do in my blogs. is this driving you crazy? i luv it. i have to be very precise in my writing at work so this is my opportunity to be casual.

At this conference I was also convinced to finally join twitter.

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