23 February 2009

Anna Art

This picture is drawn in marker on the back of some old printer paper - remember those dot matrix printers - you can see the ink showing through the paper with the frayed edges from where the perforated holes have been torn off. I don't know where they find this scrap paper at daycare or how long someone has been holding onto this stuff but this is what her precious works of art come home on :)

Anyway - here is Anna's description of the picture.

Bottom left: (in pink I might add) That's mommy drinking her coffee
Above that: Anna
Top left: That's daddy cleaning Anna's room because she forgot to clean it (not sure where this dream came from, hee hee) She also pointed out the round window she made in that room.

Top right: (with the triangle) This is the secret room. (Her friend Bella has a "secret" playroom in her house that is part of the attic and you get to it through a small door in her closet. I think this is where that idea came from.)

Bottom right: That's Carter in his crib.

Love the attention to detail. The only things that're missing are the dogs. This one's a keeper!

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