19 September 2010

Labor Day Weekend - Saturday: Irish Festival at Crown Center

On Saturday morning (from Labor Day weekend) Candi and I ran 11 miles. Then I remembered Anna had one more swimming lesson that was a makeup from when they cleaned the pool one weekend. It was her last level II lesson. Or so I thought. At the end she got her certificate but she didn't pass. It recommended taking level II again. So we signed up for that again. 8 more weeks of level II.

Then I planned to take the kids to the Irish Festival at Crown Center. The weather was gorgeous so I was looking for something to do outside. I heard they had a big kids area and it was free for kids to get in.

But the kids were throwing a fit, grumpy and annoying me. So instead we got the car washed and I took them home until they calmed down. Then we went.

It wasn't as fun as Jiggle Jam (I didn't think) but we had a good time. Lots of art project making, which was fun. Carter had zero interest in the inflatables which surprised me.

Irish Fest - Kansas City at Crown Center from Cara on Vimeo.
Irish Fest is an annual event at Crown Center. There are a lot of beers to taste, shops, food and activities for kids. We didn't find it quite as much fun as Jiggle Jam (also at Crown Center) but JJ is also specifically targeted towards kids and this has more of a mix of adult and kid activities and entertainment.

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