07 March 2010

The tradeoffs of a working mom

On Saturday I ran six miles and started the day with my BFF.

Then Candi and I took all three kids to Crown Center. We ate lunch and went over to Kaleidscope to get our tickets. We then had 40 minutes to kill and thought we could go over to Union Station and watch the trains for a little bit.

We were overly ambitious. After weaving through The Link, navigating to functional elevators and pushing three kids in a stroller while wearing high heels we immediately had to turn around and walk back after we got there. We let them look at a train in a glass case, lol.

We were a little late getting into Kaleidescope but it worked out just fine. I lost Carter for about a minute in the craziness but other than that all was good.

We came home and I took a cat nap while the kids watched Polar Express and kept trying to wake me up to make them hot chocolate. Then we went over to Sam and Candi's and the boys grilled burgers and hot dogs to take advantage of the warmer weather.

I got up this morning and before I could even make coffee Carter begged me to play trains. So after one cup of coffee I helped him build a completely new track from scratch.

After a shower I took both of them to Target to pick out gifts for birthday parties. Carter's party is next weekend.

Today I took Anna to a birthday party at the community center (a pool party) where luckily I didn't have to show myself in a swimsuit. She got some good girl time in there and then I took Carter to the grocery store so then she got some alone time which I also think she needed.

Tonight she read me a new book we got at the bookfair called Spring Surprises. It's labeled a 2 for "Reading with Help." Now why would they put this on here? She can read but now thinks she should need help with this. What a horrible label. I told her she doesn't need my help. And she didn't. She read the entire book by herself. She did say bath instead of bathe so I corrected that one but she got everything else. Even the words "discover" "hollyhocks" and "pollywogs." No kidding. She really amazes me with her reading. Especially after today at the birthday party - the six year old could not read her cards she was getting. But Anna and a few of the other kids were reading them to her.

So while I spent this time with my kids I completely neglected my house. I haven't sorted mail or done laundry in a week. It's bad. Luckily Kevin did the dishes all weekend or it would be worse.

I did manage to dig through the backpacks and make Anna's lunch and fill out the necessary forms she needs returned for field trips and such. But I feel really behind and am dreading going to work because I'd really rather stay home and get my house in order. Oh the tradeoffs of being a working mom.

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Stephanie said...

I commend you, I don't know how you do it all!!!!!