05 March 2010

No Balloon For You

Anna had a nightmare at 3:30 am that left me up until almost 5:00 because I couldn't go back to sleep. She was really traumatized from that safe spot issue at lunch yesterday. She was so heartbroken that it made me really sad. And a little angry because now I'm losing sleep over this.

I called her teacher on my way to work this morning but she was in a meeting so I left a message. I almost couldn't get through the message without crying. I am just so sad for her. This morning she asked me to come to lunch with her but I told her I couldn't because I have to work.

Her teacher called me back while I was then in a meeting and said neither she nor the student teacher knew she had been in the safe spot (sounded like it was something they were supposed to know) and she could tell I was upset and said I could call and have her paged and she would talk to me. I had meetings all day though and didn't get her called back until school was out and she wasn't there.

Then I remembered that the book fair was tonight and Anna has been asking to go all week so I thought I might see her there. So I picked up the kids and we headed to the book fair. We bought 7 books and I paid. Then I asked where the balloon guy was and they pointed and I asked if it costs money and they said you have to buy a book for the classroom and then you get a ticket. Then they gave me a raffle ticket where we actually won a ticket to see the balloon guy. But that was only one ticket and I have two kids. Dilemma. The line was so long to checkout I didn't want to wait to buy another book just for that.

So we headed to check out the balloon guy but the line was kind of long and we needed to go eat dinner. I told them we could come back after dinner.

So we did. And we started by buying another book (much shorter line) to get another ticket to see the balloon guy.

Then we started waiting for the balloon guy. He was there until 8 and it was 7:30 but we were told that he wasn't taking any more kids because he wouldn't have time. I hoped that the line would move quickly and maybe we could still get in by 8. But it didn't work out that way. The lady in charge of the balloon guy kept telling me that the kid directy in front of my kids was the last kid who would get a balloon. That kid was her kid. How convenient for her. I told her we drove all the way back up here AND bought a book JUST for this. Of course she had no idea my daughter had a traumatic day at school yesterday and cried for 30 minutes and had a nightmare and I'm just trying to have a positive school experience for her here.

I noticed the lady in charge of the balloon guy was standing by the teacher who put Anna in the safe spot yesterday. I asked her kid if that was his dad because I thought well maybe the two mean people are married to each other. But he said no.

We didn't get a balloon after waiting 30 minutes. I picked up a business card for the balloon guy and told her maybe he could come to her birthday party or maybe our company picnic this summer. The kids impressively did not cry like the others who were turned away. I really thought Carter would have one of his meltdowns like he did at the dentist's office and things would really get scary. But we all left holding hands and no tears. My BFF was kind enough to sit at an elementary book fair with me for 30 minutes while my kids waited to not get a balloon :)

They watched Mary Poppins in the car on the way home and we all sang Super-Cali-Fragil-istic on the way home.

I did get to see her teacher and we chatted briefly that Anna had a really good day yesterday and today. I let her know that she was really affected by whatever happened and I could tell she really cared. She asked me how her reading was going and said she has her reading some really advanced books. That all sounded good!

It is the weekend and I'm hoping to spend some good quality time with Anna (and Carter). And I think I need some more sleep to make me less emotional so I'm pretty sure a nap is in my future.

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