13 March 2010

Some good sleep

Carter and the birthday girl

Carter really enjoyed bowling. Here he is checking everything out before we got started. This was the first time (that he remembers) bowling.

After taking Carter to Olivia's three year old (I think. she might have been four) birthday party at the bowling alley today I came home, put Carter down for a nap (aka left him crying in his bed and went downstairs to my room where I couldn't hear him) and laid down in my own bed for a nap.

It was some really good sleep. Kevin said he came in and I rolled over so he thought I was awake and said "Hi baby" and I mumbled something and then said "alphabet.... Giraffe!" I think I slept for a good two hours.

Don't remember that at all. Kevin woke me up 15 minutes before the babysitter arrived. Anna and Carter were both sleeping too. Then we left to go see The Green Zone at Fork and Screen. It was predictable but good to have a date night. The kids had a good time with their babysitter too cause they were still up at 9:15 when we got home. She had french braided Anna's hair and they had drawn quite a few pictures and were playing with the chalkboard.

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