25 March 2010

To St. Louis and Back

Yesterday I flew to St. Louis and back for work with two of my coworkers Megan and Jeff. When we got there we took the shuttle to Enterprise Rent A Car. I just have to share this experience with you.

The driver offered us water and a map at least five times during our 10 minute ride. Whitney Houston's "I will always love you" blared loudly over the speakers. And no, it wasn't a love-rock station, it was an album because another Whitney song came on after that one was over. Jeff and I commented on the lovely music.

When we arrived to get the car we were greeted by a women in a skirt (slightly too tight) standing at the doors to the bus with a clipboard and nextel-push-to-talk-looking-walkie-talkie which she held by her mouth at all times even though she wasn't talking to anyone. She was directing each guest as they got off the bus and calling them by name, Mr. so and so, Mr. so and so...

Jeff went inside to get the keys and Megan and I waited on a bench outside. The woman continued to do this as each shuttle arrived and people got on and people got off. A lot of people coming and going. She was wearing panty hose and all of the guys were in suits and ties. Megan and I commented that everyone seemed over dressed.

After 15 minutes Jeff came out and commented that it was taking forever. He asked the woman if we could go on over to our car. Please wait and so-and-so will take you over. There are just two guests in front of you. Jeff asked if he could just go on. No, she said, you have to sign some paperwork at the car. Can I sign the paperwork with you? No she said. One of the guys "in front of us" was gracious and offered for us to go ahead of him. He could tell we were anxious to get going for a meeting (we were all dressed in suits and flipping threw our bound power point deck to review our slides as we waited).

Finally our Enterprise Guy comes to take us to our car. We have to walk around and note all the scratches. Jeff signs. I mention it smells like smoke too, as they were being very particular about all of the details as we take the car. We finally get in. Jeff comments "We don't want to buy the car, we just want to borrow it."

At the exit, even the guy in the little box who checked our papers was in a suit and tie and talking on his iPhone. He's asking too many questions and we're like yes, yes, and then as we're pulling away even he yells "How was your customer service!?"

"Too much" I joked.

Fast forward through meeting and lunch and we drive the car back to Enterprise. We pull up and realize it's 2:30 and our flight doesn't leave until 6:30. We realize we may want to keep the car and go somewhere. We completely confuse the suited man with the hand held printer who wants to check our car in. We get back in and sit in the car trying to decide what to do and calling to see if we can get on an earlier flight.

We watch all of the young twenty somethings over dressed in suits walking around and the shuttles coming and going and a different woman now greeting the guests as they get on and off. I start to get the giggles.

I remember a few weeks ago at the birthday bowling party I took Carter to that I met another mom. I asked her "Where do you work?" "Well" she said "I worked at Enterprise Rent A Car. I was only supposed to be there for a year because we were going to be moving and it was interim, but we didn't move and I ended up being there 10 years." She has just gotten a different job. I share this story with Megan and Jeff.

We all start laughing. Megan starts quoting Step Brothers (except we couldn't remember the exact words at the time) "I might just have to get a job at Enterprise Rent A Car. They have great opportunities for advancement."

Hysterical laughter. We decide to just go to the airport so we get out. They are having trouble with their printer to get us our receipt. Jeff finally says "I don't need a receipt" and as we walk away to board the shuttle she is calling after us "You can go online and print your receipt at any time!"

We could not stop laughing about the whole experience. Maybe you had to be there but the whole thing was a riot.

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