29 March 2010

2 Down. 998 To Go.

After talking with a neighbor we heard we have voles. No, not moles, voles. We looked it up on You Tube and these are essentially just field mice. We watched a video of an exterminator setting traps. If you set one at a hole then you put the traps facing in around the hole, if you set one in a track then you put the traps facing out so they run right into it.

The guy in the video said a small garden could have 100 voles. We have over an acre so we must have thousands. Kevin said this gives him "something to do."

Kevin and Carter set the traps yesterday so today we went vole hunting to see if we caught anything.

Vole Hunting from Cara on Vimeo.

We have field mice. Lots of them. Today is our first day catching voles in the yard.

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