20 November 2008

Thanksgiving #1

So we had our first of 2 (or possibly 3) Thanksgivings last weekend. Since everyone was together on my side of the family we also sang Happy Birthday to Carter and I had a Sesame Street cake made.

My brother Zach and his wife Kristen got us what could possibly be the most annoying toy ever. I really thought I had seen them all but with no volume control and no off switch this one might take the taco. It is soon to be banished to being an outdoor toy.

My grandpa was released from the hospital to join us for the Thanksgiving dinner which was nice. Then he had to be back by 5. They say he had a mild stroke. Today he starts rehab for his fingers. He is now back at home.

I was thankful to get to see my cousins on my mom's side which I don't see very often. One just got married last summer and the other is engaged to get married this summer.

Today I have a long list of to-do's. I was going to work until I realized I will be doing Thanksgiving #2 this weekend and then next week is Thankgiving so the stores will be super crazy. I have to do these errands today since some involve mall and toy stores.

1. Grocery Shopping for next week since I won't be able to go on Sat. or Sun. This means I might have to cook and freeze some stuff today if at all possible cause produce isn't going to make it that long.

2. Macys to get lancome toner and mascara

3. Get Carter a Bday present (his bday is the 29th which is the Sat after Thanksgiving and god knows I'm not gonna try to hit a toy store between Thanksgiving and Saturday.)

4. Long underwear to wear to the MU KU game at arrowhead on the 29th (also on Carter's bday)

5. Find someone to watch the kids while we go to the MU KU game

6. Call Mike our photographer and give him credit card info to pay for sitting fee. Hope to get a login to view proofs today. very excited about these

7. Need a few more frames from Michael's to complete the framing project

8. Print and finish week in the life album (ok this probably won't get done but in an ideal world)

9. Target
- lotion
- toothpaste for kevin
- shaving cream
- diapers
- diet mt dew for kevin
- any entertaining & food items needed for trip to kevin's parents

So needless to day I'm drinking the coffee as fast as I can. I dropped the kids off at daycare to try to be as efficient as possible.

Ready - Go!

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