28 November 2008


Today I am playing SAHM (stay at home mom) on a week day because I have the day off. Of course, as a working mom with an extra day off I tend to overload my to-do list.

1. Finish putting pictures in frames, possibly hang some
2. Finish week in the life album: Print my journaling, Laminate the cover, Finishing touches. Photograph. Post online
3. Laundry
4. Dishes
5. Vacuum

Anna is begging me to take them to Paradise Park so I'm trying to decide if I'm up for that adventure today and how that fits in with a possible nap schedule.

I also need to do something with the four boxes of clothes a distant relative gave me. I think I am going to just give these to my mom to use as extra clothes for the kids when they are at grandma's house. It's no secret I love to shop so I really don't need any of these clothes for the kids. I think last time she gave me all this stuff I took it to Goodwill so someone else who really needs it could use it.

I am trying so hard to purge, not keep extra stuff, find some organization to my household. And then somehow more junk - lots of it - boxes and boxes - somehow make it into my house. Seriously, have we met? We never unpack all the boxes after each move we make so what makes other people think they should give us more old stuff that we will never go through and only have to move later?

And then I think, I should be thankful that I have too much stuff.

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