02 November 2008


Today we were up early because of the time change. I had done meal planning, showered, been to the grocery store and back all by 10:30. It was a beautiful day so I let the kids play outside until lunch.

Our neighborhood isn't very old so it cracked me up when Anna thought the few leaves from our lonely tree in front was a "huge pile." I thought back to when we lived in Prairie Village before she was born, at all the huge oak trees we had that would dump a foot of leaves over the entire ground and clog our gutters causing the rain to overflow and make our basement leak. I'm sure this is the only reason we own a rake today and that it has hung in our garage since then until I pulled it out today. Anna and I raked the leaves IN to a pile. The kids jumped and then Carter raked all the leaves OUT of the pile. Anna picked more leaves from a tree by the house to put into the pile. And then they did some swinging.

We went inside for lunch, a quick trip to Target and Walmart looking for clearance halloween items. Then we all took a nap for at least 2 hours and the kids for 3. There is nothing like a good nap.


Serious scrap time on Saturday with Candi. Look for updates on my Week In The Life Album soon.

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