09 November 2008

Still Here!

I have been out of commission for while since work has been so crazy. Kevin had also been out of town on hunting trips so I had the kids all to myself two weekends in a row. He gets back tonight and that was his last trip for the season.

I did get some more scrap time in with my BFF. I filled all my pattern paper slots in my "week in the life" album and finished all my days of the week titles. I downloaded some of Ali's digital layouts and copied my journaling from my blog into the layouts, getting them to fit within one 8.5x11 page. Since I only have a normal printer I am printing my journaling on 8.5x11 to adhere to my 12x12 page. I'll add some some embellishments or ribbon I think. I did my title for the front of the album. It's close to wrapping up but I think it will be next weekend before it's final.

Today I made a trip to Michael's and got 12 8x10 frames and 4 5x7 frames and one with two 5x7 openings in one frame. The 8x10 frames were 2 for $9 it was such a deal. The others were 40% off. I have a lot of posed photos of the kids over the years that have just been sitting in a box up stairs. I finally decided to just do all black frames with white mattes and to put them going up and down the stairs we have (this gives me four walls to do arrangements). I got some of them in the frames tonight but not all and haven't hung yet. I am excited about this project too and promised myself to finish it by the time Thanksgiving is over.

Speaking of... we are doing Thanksgiving at my grandparents this weekend as well as a little party for Carter's birthday. It's early but the only time everyone could get together. I ordered a Sesame Street cake at the grocery store this morning that I'm sure will be a hit. I can't believe my baby will be 2.

Well I'm sure that's enough writing to catch everyone up for the last week.

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