21 February 2010

We are getting an ice storm

It started icing yesterday and we're expected to get five more inches of ice/sleet/snow today.

It has snowed every day for quite awhile.

I am so over winter. and seriously if I was not married I would move somewhere warmer. seriously. up and go. I hate this stuff so much. It isn't good for anything.

When I retire I will have a winter house that is somewhere warm.

We booked a trip to Vegas but it can't come soon enough.

So another day cooped up in the house. I am glad I went to the grocery store yesterday instead of my usual Sunday because everything is a sheet of ice. We are going to get wind today so all of the trees will probably start breaking.

We had to have the heating people come again yesterday because the furnace wasn't working again. Some board is tripping the breakers on the furnace continually now. They made a temporary switch and will have to come later to fix it.


Kevin said...


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

did you make it to work? I heard the cancelled a lot of school

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

and you always have a place here to stay if you need a quick weekend!