13 February 2010

Another first for me...

So a few weeks ago I had my first experience of leaving a full cart of groceries to take a screaming child home.

This week I took Anna to Target on Wednesday night to buy Valentine's for her party on Thursday. We got there and she said she wanted to ride in a cart because she didn't feel well. I actually tried to talk her out of it because I thought we could just get one of the baskets you carry. But we got a cart and we got the Valentines plus a gift for a birthday party on Saturday and a card for that. She complained her stomach hurt and I just thought she probably had to poop.

I had just checked out and paid for the Valentines and was digging for my keys near the cart-park area and looked down to see her laying in the cart covered in puke.

Uh. Oh. Gross. What to do. What to do.

I pushed the cart into the bathroom which for the first time I was thankful are at the front of the store and took her out and did some damage control. I took the stuff we bought out of one of the plastic Target bags and was thankful I hadn't brought a reusable bag on this trip. I put her puke covered coat in the plastic bag and tried to wipe it out of her hair and off her face and pants and shoes. It got on my coat. Yuck yuck yuck.

We left and I grabbed another plastic bag on the way out of the store. She threw up more in the car on the way home and I was so thankful she could get it in the bag and not ruin my new car although I was thinking that the environmental package treatment to the seats was about to be tested to its limit.

I had called Kevin on the way home and he had covered her bed and floor in towels (a lesson we have learned over the years to avoid washing so many sheets and trying to get puke out of carpet). She was really sick until about midnight. So that's the first time I've had a child throw up in a public place.

She got up the next day and was fine. Ate three meals. Went back to school on Friday. But we didn't get to use those Valentines we bought.

Carter was also sick and stayed home Thursday and Friday. But he has something different. He had a fever with cough. It reached 103.2 on Thursday night so I worked from home on Friday.


I have not been doing well at running during the week. But I have been running on Saturday mornings. Candi has joined me so that is helping to force me to go. We have made a new commitment to run twice together during the week. I'm ready for it to get a little warmer and daylight sooner.


Historically work is slowest in February but that couldn't be farther from the truth right now. Not to mention I'm covering for Andrea whose on vacation in Hawaii and Jeff who is on vacation next week too. So I have a few extra meetings on my already insane calendar.

Four of my new hires have started and one more starts tomorrow. I'm actually thinking I need one or two more if February's schedule is going to continue and it just might cause I think we've signed three more accounts. Crazy! I'm too busy doing too many other jobs to do my actual job. Working too much overtime. Ready for a vacation!

Let's go to Vegas! Ok. And so we are planning it. Ching ching ching ching ching ching ching.

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