25 February 2010

Mini meltdown

I had a mini meltdown today. My team has been working really hard, myself included, and we've only had complaints this week. It's very unmotivating. unrewarding. worked 50+ hours each of the last two weeks and i'd ideally work 32 hours a week. nothing like an extra 20 hours a week with a few mean remarks to make you want to go to work. makes you think you have your priorities out of whack. that i should just spend more time with my kids. close the laptop. if you work hard and you get negative feedback then maybe you can just work regular and get the same feedback. it doesn't seem to be benefiting me to work extra hard.

Then i got home and the toilet overflowed so much it rained in the basement and made a huge puddle. nothing like cleaning toilet water. we're still not sure if carter put something in the toilet or just flushed the handle so many times that the toilet got mad.

i ordered pizza cause i had no energy to cook. one of the pizzas they brought was wrong. i called them and made them bring the right one.

i'm sort of wallowing in self misery. after two vodka red bulls and trying on every dress in the house to find one to wear tomorrow to red ball i feel a little better.

i'm contemplating wearing a red dress i wore as a bridesmaid in one of my bff's weddings nine years ago. i can't decide if that's cool i can still wear that dress or wrong that i'm seriously considering it.

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Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

awww so sorry things are rough right now. As you know it comes and goes with DEG :) I hope you have fun at red ball