11 January 2010

Paradise Park - Foam Factory

For those of you who didn't already see this on Facebook...

Paradise Park is in Lee's Summit. We have a pass to the Edutainment side but on Saturday we checked out the Foam Factory on the other side. Here is my first attempt at video blogging with my new Flip Mino that Kevin got me for Christmas.

I haven't used the camera much over the last few months so I'm hoping this will help me continue to document my kids - and activities in KC.

The music gets a little annoying but I didn't want to resave it cause it takes awhile to process, so just turn your volume ;)

Listen close when Anna runs up the stairs - she gets to the top and says "I'm gonna get those boys!" Hilarious. I didn't catch this until I edited the videos.

Paradise Park - Foam Factory from Cara on Vimeo.

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