22 January 2010

Ahh, the joys of home and car ownership

On Thursday I took my car to the dealership to have the environment protection package applied. They discovered I have a nail in my tire. sideways. and the tire can't be repaired it has to be replaced. and these tires are hard to find. and cost $300 each. of course.

Luckily! Kevin reminded me they threw in the road hazard package when I bought the environment package (like a sucker). So it should all be covered. They have to order the tire from Chicago and it will be here in five days. Is all that shit really true? who knows. bet they wished they'd said they would just repair it after they found out they get to buy me a new tire. now who's the sucker?

Yesterday we also had the heating & cooling people come to replace the part on the furnace that they ordered a few weeks ago. A few hours after they left we noticed it was set to 68 but only 65. So we called and they came back this morning. Apparently the part they replaced was a piece of electronics that got wet when they put it in (because it was raining) and doesn't work. Sooo they get to order another one and come back again next week to replace it. Meanwhile they said the gas heat should kick back on and be fine. I went to work. Fast forward to end of day Kevin gets home and calls me and said it's 62 in the house. So he called and they told him how to fix a setting on the thermostat to tell it to flip over to gas. This is an ongoing saga for what seems like an eternity and honestly they need to FIX IT (said like SNL skit on the housing crisis and failing economy).

I was going to paint Carter's room yesterday but after removing all the pictures, wall plates, curtains and shelves I realized there were a lot of big holes in the walls. So I just taped and Kevin spackled and we let it all dry. Carter freaked out cause his room is a mess but he's at my parents tonight and I'm planning to paint tomorrow.

It's supposed to be cold and raining for my first outdoor run tomorrow. awesome. maybe I will run a little faster. It ends at a Starbucks so I've got that going for me.

And if you were thinking about renting Serve and Protect (aka The Other Mall Cop) go ahead and skip it. I'll save you those 90 minutes of your life.

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