20 January 2010

Back to Running

After a three month hiatus I am back to running this week. 20 minutes for 1.5 miles on Monday and 30 minutes for just over 2 miles today. Both on treadmill, today at an incline of 5. I am surprised at how sore I am and how much I couldn't catch my breath today after just three months off. I plan to run the Hospital Hill half marathon. My first group outdoor run is Saturday. We'll see how that goes.

Last night Carter told me he wants to be a teacher when he grows up. That's a good job I told him. He said he wants to hand out name tags. He also told me he wants to go to a baseball game. I asked if he's ready for the Royals to start? Yes he said. Me too. Me too. That means April which means spring which means no more winter. It has been foggy for a week. It's very depressing.

Anna came home with her latest report card which was all good. She is really reading well. So much for spelling words to speak in secret code with Kevin. She's reading billboards, TV ads, everything. I've been writing a note in her lunch everyday and she really seems to like reading these. She told me it's her favorite part of her lunch. Of course that melts my heart.

The tree and stockings are finally down.

I have a team of five including myself at work right now. I'm about to bring six new people on board in the next two weeks bringing our total to eleven. So things are a little crazy and if I think about it too much it can be a little overwhelming.

Hence the back to running endeavor.

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Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

whew welcome back to running, you certainly need the stress reliever!