30 November 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Carter

My baby won't be a baby much longer.

At three you...
Are potty trained during the day
Are trying to outgrow your nap. but you still need it.
Are still sleeping in a crib
Are still using your binky at night
Ask me to rock you at night
Sleep in until 8 or later on the weekends

ok so you are still enough like a baby to still be my baby :)

you love...
playing trains
playing baseball
playing with the dogs
pretending to shop (you usually buy tools, wonder where you get that)
eating syrup with your pancakes for breakfast
playing with your "buddy" Alex at school

you like to read the books...
Snow by P.D. Eastman (one of my favorite authors - he wrote Big Dog, Little Dog)
The Very Cranky Bear (now my new favorite children's book)
The Sweet Smells of Christmas (this was one of my favorites as a child, with the scratch and sniff stickers)
If I had a Dragon (I think you like this one because it's about playing with a brother and you know you are Anna's brother)

I love it when you...
Hug me for no reason
Grin so big it shows your dimples (still no idea where these came from)
Clap your hands the way you do, just once
Say "Oh Man!" or "Gosh!" (you would probably be hysterical if we let you watch Napoleon Dynamite)

Daddy built you a "big boy" bed which has been in your room for quite awhile. We finally plan to get a mattress and I ordered the bedding which should come soon. You're excited to have your room painted blue with a baseball theme.

I still haven't made your 3 year check up appointment, so no stats. But I'm pretty sure you're tall for your age. Everyone says you look just like me, or at least my side of the family, and either my brothers, or my grandpa or my uncles, if they've met my extended family.

I love you very much and am happy I can still hold and cuddle you, like a baby. Even if you're three and growing up way to fast. Happy birthday!

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