29 November 2009

Three is the New Two

Today was Carter's 3rd birthday. He was a monster.

He started by pooping in his pants this morning. Then he peed on the floor. Then he wrote on walls, doors and furniture with a permanent red sharpie marker while I was taking a shower and Kevin was not here. Then he wet his pants about three more times today. I took him to the grocery store to pick up his cake and get ice cream and he threw a fit for 30 minutes while I tried to get other groceries. I'm pretty sure everyone at Price Chopper wanted to ask us to never come back. Then he threw a fit when I left to take Anna to go buy him a present. He was fine while my brother Ben and parents were here and we celebrated his birthday. Then after everyone left and I was upstairs putting laundry away he found some cleaning spray and made a huge puddle on the kitchen floor and sprayed one of my newly painted walls.

Needless to say I put him to bed around 5:45. Around 8 I realized I didn't feed him dinner. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day because what I thought was going to be a happy day today definitely was not.

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Carolyn said...

I'm so sorry...I hope you still enjoyed his birthday!!