22 November 2009

Thanksgiving #1 (and other stuff i've been busy with)

We are back from Thanksgiving #1 in Rolla. It was a good trip, minus the hour of Carter crying on the way down.

I got my fix of Settlers of Catan, even though I didn't win. The turkey was great and so was the breakfast casserole which I think had blueberries and cream cheese. Add to that the chocolate peanut butter pie I stuffed myself with and well... it's time to start running again.

After the half marathon I ran about a month ago I have not run since. The cold weather and long work hours made me want to stay in bed. Tomorrow I have an early meeting so Tuesday I'm hitting a run in the morning. I didn't rejoin my running group this session but plan to in January to train for the Hospital Hill half marathon in June.

I only have to work 2 1/2 days this week so I'm looking forward to Wednesday! I'm getting the kids' pictures taken.

Oh - and I just painted my kitchen to look similar to a Starbucks - While Kevin was away on a hunting trip. Two walls are "thick chocolate" and has a plum hint to it, to match the tile, the wall with the windows I made a slightly brighter green, and the wall with the refrigerator is a coffee/latte color called "Sweet Georgia Brown." My only mistake was washing the curtains. They must have shrank four inches and now look ridiculous. I'm on the lookout for replacements. They are faded anyway.

I keep apologizing for not posting often. I am comitting to a Daily December month. I will post every day. Ali Edwards does a Daily December scrapbook. I can't scrap every day but I can post. And I also hope to get caught up on my days off this week. I have lots of pictures on the camera I would like to document. Since I haven't been uploading the pictures to Kodak Gallery with captions this really is my only documentation of journaling when I want to go back and scrapbook or try to remember when something happened. So I will get caught up! Here is my first step :)

On Monday they build my car! And Sunday Carter will be three!

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