22 November 2007

MMMM, Sales

So, as a super girly girl who LOVES to shop, I was very excited to see a special announcement in my inbox this morning from Gymboree for an additional 30% off my entire order. See, I also received a special 20% off my entire purchase coupon in the mail this week. PLUS I have gift cards totaling $30 AND I have the Gymboree Visa so I get an additional 5% off. IN ADDITION, to the items that are already on sale, this mean I can get a fleece hoody and pants, super cute here here and here, for a really good deal

Regularly 19.50
on sale for 12.00
add'l 30% 8.40
add'l 20% 6.72
visa 5% 6.38

This is cheaper than Target people. And much better quality.

This is a really good deal. People wonder how I buy so much Gymboree for Anna (their boys lines are not quite as cute) and this is how. Sales people. Watch the sales. Then I stock up. And a lot of times I buy a year in advance. So I would buy some size 3's now, but probably also buy size 4's for next year for her.

Crowds don't bother me too much. Guess where I will be (and yes, braving it with two kids because my parents are out of town and Kevin has to work) at 10 am on Friday morning. Too bad they don't open earlier, not that we could make it anywhere before 10.

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