06 November 2007

Christmas is Coming

"Mommy when are we going to drive in the snow?"

"When it snows."

Last week she was the weather helper. This week she is the calendar helper. They must talk about how Christmas happens in the winter because it is all Christmas and Santa Claus talk around here. I keep telling her that first we have Ben's birthday, then we have Thanksgiving, then we have Carter's birthday. THEN we have Christmas.

In other news, this weekend I made a trip to Archiver's to pick up some card making supplies for the next Scraptacular scrap party I'm hosting. I have also decided that instead of making the memory book for my grandparents using the Kodak Gallery printed and bound albums that I should do a "hand-made" scrapbook with pages that slide in from the top. Why? Well, I just feel like this genealogy stuff will always be ongoing. And sometimes I'm 90% sure I have the right names and dates but if it's wrong and it's printed and bound, there's no going back. But if it slides in from the top, well then I can change that item or that page and slide it back in. Or insert additional pages, etc.

So while I was there I indulged in lots of black, white, chocolate brown, light blue and red solid Bazzill cardstock (I like them because they are textured) as well as some cute pieces from Deja Views (Click Sharon Ann then Timeless and scroll down).

I still plan to keep it pretty simple and how funny is this - ancestry.com - the site i've been using for genealogy - has scrapbook products. I picked up a few.

And of course I couldn't resist a few products for myself. Those of you who know that I'm obsessed with letters won't be suprised to know I picked up this and how could I resist some stickers that look like these guys.

Nothing like some new product to get motivated!

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