11 November 2007

I did it

I had both kids by myself for five days. Kevin was out of town on a hunting trip and my parents were out of town at a bed and breakfast. I did it and I didn't lose my patience. The kids. were. awesome. I had them both in bed at 7:30 tonight. I don't think Anna was in timeout once. Actually Carter had his first timeout this morning for hitting Anna repeatedly after I told him no, but other than that things were great.

AND I've been working on my first home project in four years. I realized I haven't done a home project since before I had kids and we lived in our first house. I thought it would be a nice surprise for Kevin. I hope he likes it. I hope he notices it, before he reads about it here.

I'm painting our bedroom. Wednesday night I taped and moved furniture. And sorted papers. - We have a paper issue. I think admitting it is the first step to recovery - Thursday after Anna and I got our hair done she went to daycare/school where we had dropped Carter off earlier. I then painted one coat over everything in four hours. Friday night I worked on the raised ceiling. Saturday night I did the second coat over the walls. Sunday day removed all the tape and moved the furniture back. Cleaned. I am now getting ready to finish off the raised ceiling. I hope. I hate to have it unfinished when Kevin gets home but I am also tired so we'll see. I hope he likes it.

I ordered a new duvet cover. I got matching lamp shades. The lamp shades came but the duvet cover is apparently on back order so it won't have the full "makeover" effect I was going for but that's ok.

Also Kevin isn't getting back until 11:30 or so tonight and I'll hopefully be asleep so the lights won't be on and he probably won't even be able to tell, other than I think it still smells like paint.

So that's what I've been up to.

I'm watching this show on TLC called john and kate plus 8. They are parents with twin 6 year olds and six three year olds. I'm fascinated with this. It reminds me of a BUNCH of Anna's. The parents took them all to an amusement park. I'm so impressed they can keep track of all of them by themselves and enjoy the experience. They are making me laugh. The parents say things like Kevin and I would say it. "That's poison don't put it in your mouth, you'll die."

So over the past few days here are some quotes from Anna

"Stop helping me."

"I don't need your help."

There were also some funny ones that I can't recall at this moment.

Before and after room pics to come after the duvet cover arrives.

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Heidi said...

You get Mom AND Wife of the year. I have absolutely no idea how you did all this and still paid attention to your kids.