17 November 2010

Welcome to the family, Baxter

Wow, has it really been over two weeks since I posted!? Lots going on - prepare for daily updates!

I've been browsing Wayside Waifs and local animal shelters for a new dog over the last few weeks. I finally decided I really wanted a true Golden Retriever. We had one when I was growing up. His name was Chapter and he was such a great dog (other than jumping fences). After looking at the classifieds online I called a man near Emporia KS who had bred his Golden and had three males left. On Sunday we drove to "look" and of course picked one out.

The man told me the littlest one was the "smart one." He came right over to me and sat down, almost as if he picked me. Carter started to hug one and it coward so I immediately ruled that one out. We picked the runt and took him inside to get another shot. The man's wife said "oh we're going to miss him." I felt good about my choice. Then she said "he's the ornery one. he dug a hole under the fence and got out one day." oh great, maybe I should have picked that other one, ha.

The road trip was a little farther than I expected. 3 hours there and 3 hours back. Thank god for XM radio and DVD players in the car.

We've named him Baxter and he is super sweet. The first day we had him he was the sleepiest dog I've ever met. He has been gaining confidence in his surroundings more and more each day. He is already going to the front door when he needs to go out and only had two accidents. I think that is pretty great considering he has not been an inside dog at all until now.

He's three months. His paws and ears are huge. He's going to be bigger than Tassie. He super soft and fuzzy. The kids are constantly playing with him when they're up. He has a love for chewing socks - he can pick them out of a huge pile of laundry.

Welcome to the family, Baxter!

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