01 November 2010

Sonar. July 2000 - October 31 2010

From Anna
This  is  Sonar, I like't him but now he's dead. And im sad. I like't it wheen he was com. And he's loveuboul to. I relly relly miss him. Sonar was a good dog. He was varry helpful to us.We miss him a lot . I like't to play owtside with him. He is black as you can see.

From Carter
I really really miss him.

In no particular order...

Kevin named him for his big ears.

He had a favorite spot on the couch.

When Kevin was away I would let him sleep in the bed.

When it snowed he looked like he had dandruff. He used the snow as an excuse to just poop on the deck.

At night he always slept under the bed. Tassie learned this from him.

He had horrible teeth and would chew rawhide until his gums would bleed.

Anna would cover him with a blanket to make sure he was cozy.

Always that spot on the couch, unless he finally got squeezed out.

He didn't mind when the kids covered him up.

They were always loving on him in the morning.

He didn't mind.

Carter has always loved dogs.

When he was a young whipper snapper and my running buddy at our house in Prairie Village.

A big teddy bear, good for cuddling up for a nap.

He would run down our long hallway at our first house and jump over the foot of the bed. We joked he needed a cape.

Also good for warming cold toes.

Even early on Anna would try to give Sonar her food.

Driving by PetSmart one day I stopped and looked at the puppies. He was the last of his litter and there weren't any parents so I really wasn't sure what kind of dog he was or how big he would get. They had named him "Sweetie." Little did I know, that name really fit.

He rode on my lap as I drove out to my grandma's immediately after picking him up. He slept. It was Thanksgiving weekend and Kevin was out of town. Boy was he mad when he found out I adopted a dog without him. He was mine from the beginning.

He lived at the apartment with me in Lenexa. It was on the first floor and he liked to sit on the porch and watch the world go by. If he started to bark I hushed him, afraid the neighbors would complain. I think this is where he learned to "talk" without making any noise. If you've met him you know. He was snap his mouth but nothing would come out. He was talking to you.

Instead of buying him toys I would pick up pieces of his food and flick them across the kitchen floor. When he got older he would take one piece of food from his bowl into the other room and flip it around for a few minutes until he finally ate it and then went to eat his dinner. I think this was from playing with his food pieces as a puppy.

He would climb the fence in Prairie Village to chase the squirrels. He was my running buddy for a long time.

As he got older he liked to stay outside more. He had an invisible fence collar. Sometimes the battery would die and I wouldn't know it. He would go on an adventure. One time to the retirement community nearby where some old ladies were taking good care of him. Another time to Ryan's steakhouse nearby where someone found him in the parking lot.

He was always in the driveway when I would bring the kids home from school. He was always happy to see me. I was always annoyed that he was under foot as I was carrying in a million bags.

He would get into any trash can. I would have to put a chair upside down on top of it to keep him out. He loved kleenex, preferably used. When he got frustrated he would pee on the carpet upstairs. When I gated that he would pee on the carpet going downstairs.

He was my first "baby." He was 10 years old. I am glad he didn't suffer, but sad I didn't have more time to say goodbye or for the kids to say goodbye. I'm glad he was in my arms to close his eyes.

We love you Sonar. Peace be with you.


Susan said...

What a loving tribute to a great dog. Thank you for sharing.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

oh i'm so sorry! he was a wonderful pet for you and the whole family, great memories