16 August 2010

Last Day of Summer - Trip to the Zoo

On Anna's last day of summer before school we headed to the Kansas City Zoo with my BFF, her boy Alex, her brother and her niece and my mom. The weather had cooled off (meaning it was in the 90's and not the 100's) so we could go outside. The new attraction is the polar bear and he didn't disappoint. First he did the backfloat repeatedly, pushing off of the glass. Then they started throwing in fish and we got to see him dive and dive again. It was thoroughly entertaining.

Polar Bear at the Kansas City Zoo from Cara on Vimeo.
We visited Nikita at the Kansas City Zoo. He was very playful, doing the back float and then diving for fish.

Carter and his BFF. Alex was "woohing" the train sound.

My mom bought these polar bear souvenirs for the kids. They marched into the bathroom after waking up this morning chomping these.

The whole crew on the train:

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