12 August 2010

The final days of summer

Can you believe Anna goes back to school on Monday!? She starts first grade. Crazy. We get to meet her teacher tonight.

On Monday when I picked up the kids at daycare I asked what time the bus would be coming.

"The bus is not picking up here this year." the daycare owner told me.


"It's not in the budget. Remember, we told you at the end of last school year?"

"No. No one told me anything."

So it turns out the daycare will be dropping off and picking up the kids. The buses are only stopping if the daycare is within the boundaries for that school.

I'm really frustrated that neither the school nor the bus company said anything. Every year I fill out a form that says how and where she is supposed to go at the end of the day. I don't think they read it or they would know I put the daycare and they aren't going there.

And, no one knows where the daycare vans/buses are supposed to go to pick up the kids. So one of my primary objectives for meet the teacher night tonight is to make sure they put her on the right transportation at the end of the day. The worst thing that could happen is she gets on a bus to go home and no one is there when she gets off.

The daycare owner then proceeded to tell me about last year when a kid who was supposed to go to Creative World (another daycare) ended up getting off a bus at my daycare. He wasn't even supposed to be on a bus because Creative World does pick up and drop off their own kids. She said that when she called Creative World they didn't even know they were missing a kid.

So kids getting put on buses they shouldn't be on does happen. I'm sure everything will be fine, but it's the first day of a new routine, which is a little nerve wrecking.

Today is my last Thursday off where Anna is also off. I sent them to daycare to get some work done this morning and then I'm going to pick the kids up and do something fun for what seems like our last day of summer together.

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