17 June 2010

Garage Sale Project

Garage sale work in progress.

Bedding, linens, curtains, tablecloths, blankets.

Gymboree, Carters, Old Navy, Baby Gap. I have visions of the Filene's basement wedding dress war. I hope it's civilized.

Boy size 0-24 months.

Boy size 24 months - 2T

Boys shoes.

Girl size 12-24 months.

Girl size 0-12 months.

Girl shoes.

Haven't even started on these.

10 storage tubs done. 10 to go.

Kevin says I have a problem but it's 6 years worth of clothes. And hey - that item on the right to wash and put away the foam letters that were in my laundry room. Done and for sale for $3. Anna is excited to sell Lemonade, cookies and koolaid. But the first sign she made said "Free Lemonade" I quickly corrected her. She changed it to say dime.

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